Caroline is a comedian and writer living and performing in Brooklyn. She grew up in San Francisco and has performed stand up in Chicago, Berlin, the Bay Area and New York, as well as at comedy festivals like SF Sketchfest, the DC Comedy Festival, and Big Little Comedy Fest.

She’s a contributor at Reductress and has been published in the Pink Canoe and Little Old Lady Comedy. Catch her at her monthly shows Stacy at Rebecca's Bar in Brooklyn and Jokes Engineered at Caveat on the LES. Cheers!




I co-produce and perform for the sketch comedy channel Mad Cabbage. I was also in my college sketch comedy group The Robber Barons.

Seltzer (By Caroline Doyle, Lucyana Randall and Marissa Goldman)

The Hot One (Mad Cabbage)

The Academy (Mad Cabbage)

Fear of Being Basic (Robber Barons)

D School (Robber Barons)

Stripes (By Caroline Doyle, Lucyana Randall and Marissa Goldman)


What To Do When Your Roommate’s Vacation Proves That The Mess Is Yours (Little Old Lady Comedy): “If their shirt is with all of that crap, it must be their crap… right? You’re safe to roll your eyes and say ‘I can’t believe you left all that stuff in the middle of the floor again!’”

How to Pick The Best Restaurant to Fight With Your Mother In Every Time She’s In Town (Reductress): “The taste of the food won’t really matter because at the end of the day you and your mom are both cry-yelling at a tiny table in a reservations-only restaurant. Fuck it — get a salad!”

Boyfriend At Fine Art Museum Points To Every Painting With Bare Boobs And Says ‘Nice’ (Reductress)

Wow! This Man Fell Off a Motorcycle Because He Wouldn’t Touch Another Man’s Hips (Reductress): “In hindsight, Ames realized the biggest concern was that a hot, sexy woman would see him touching another man. ‘I don’t even hug my dad in public,’ he told reporters from his hospital bed before being intubated. ‘Obviously I just didn’t want to risk it.’”

My Boyfriend Is Perfect, Except for His Inverted Ass (Reductress): “The other day we had a picnic in the park together, laid on a blanket, and shared our hopes for the future. I found myself getting lost in his eyes, and when I wasn’t paying attention, my phone somehow got itself lost in the abyss of his ass.”

I Accidentally Took Lora’s Uber Home, So… I Became Lora (Little Old Lady Comedy): “My driver Rahul turned around when I didn’t get out right away. “Have a good night, Lora.” Lora? Lora. And that was it. From then on, she was me.”

I Accidentally Paid $5.75 for a Latte and Now That’s Most of My Personality (The Pink Canoe): "By 9am, I had already told three people. One person twice."

‘It’s the Only Time I Can Go to the Gym This Week!’ Morgan Misses Another Protest (The Pink Canoe): "'Sure – it’s a little embarrassing that I haven’t actually made it to any protests yet, but I’m still like, someone who WOULD, if that makes sense?'"